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Dear friends,

I welcome you to A.S.D. Financial Consultants S.A. and to our website.

Our company started in the form of an accounting office I founded in 1991. Today, 25 years later, ASD has more than 80 executives and a clientele from many business sectors.

Throughout these years, I have endeavored to transmit my passion, love and integrity to what I do to all my associates.

I feel particularly proud of the people of ASD, all together, faithfully serving our authorities, we have been going through all these years to achieve our goals.

In the difficult financial period that we all experience, ASD, having gained a solid foundation of experience and expertise, is the best ally in our customers’ efforts for survival and success.

After all, the brilliant results require good co-operation, a common vision and the consequence of words and actions.

Yours sincerely,
Alexios Stavroulias

Long experience

The successful course of our business for 25 years ensures you a reliable partner. The quality of our services has been certified by the acquisition of ISO 9001: 2008.

Permanent, timely and valid update

In an ever-changing economic environment, A.S.D. Financial Consultants are constantly trained to always be able to serve you and advise you responsibly.

Wide network of partners

We choose to collaborate with prominent professionals trying to provide complete solutions to all issues that concern the modern business. Among our associates are attorneys and notaries, computerization companies and special advisers for every business.

Technology and infrastructure

The accounting software we use, ensures that the data is written to the required specifications, the security of the updates, and fully meets every requirement by incorporating any change in the constantly changing legislation on tax, accounting and labor issues.

Our goal is through our collaboration to build two-way trust relationships that will contribute to the creation of strong foundations of timelessness.

Our company has a long presence in the field of finance, accounting and tax consulting, providing support and organization services at a very high level. The collaboration with the executives of A.S.D. Financial Advisor gives your business added value, prestige and security. The appropriate tools and reports we have developed produce all the information needed to help the business map out its strategy by defining the tactics to be followed. However, catalyzing our contribution to the difficult daily routine of our customers is also actively involved in making small and large decisions about simple or complex problems.

The consolidation of a common code of communication, in order to achieve the objectives set, helps to better prioritize the needs of the company and to cover it more efficiently. Valid information, which, based on personalized needs, is transformed by our experienced executives into a proposal, is an important tool in decision-making, planning of operations, saving resources and achieving goals.



The advisory services of A.S.D. Financial advisers do not stop in identifying and resolving current economic issues, and thus they are not depleted within the narrow limits of simple accounting. It is a fact that our customers enjoy integrated services that form a stable and completely technocratic environment in which the entrepreneur is required to develop seamlessly his business. It does not need to be spent in fields that are related to accounting, tax and economic knowledge. In this direction, specialized departments have been created in our company capable of diagnosing the specific needs of each economic unit, as well as proposing the appropriate solutions. The only way to do this is to optimize processes, to find economies of scale, the excellent relationship between resource consumption and efficiency.

Our entire effort encompasses a wide network of associates, such as attorneys, notaries, IT consultants, business consultants to ensure the optimal quality of our services in the complex and demanding economic environment that we all “try”.

What forms of cooperation can we enstablish?

• Provision of analytical services, eg keeping of duplicate books, preparation of financial statements
• Preparation of a one-off contract eg internal control, tax planning and strategic support
• Strategic cooperation on a long-term basis with the assignment of a project eg Employing internal business accounting