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Financial services towards individuals

high quality accounting, tax and organizational services

25 years of credibility

Apart from entrepreneurs, every individual has the need for tax consultancy and labor advice. A.S.D. Financial Advisor, for 25 years, giving weight to the “personal effort” of each one of us, effectively supports such issues. We place special emphasis on personal, human contact as a safe and unique means of identifying the needs of our client. At the same time with a high level of professionalism, we resolve every issue that concerns him.
Our services cover the entire range of transactions that each individual may have with the State. Address us for your convenience, avoiding lascivious processes that are "routine" for us, and you save valuable time!

Tax statements

Although it is not complicated in most cases, minor or major mistakes often occur, mainly on property issues, resulting in unnecessary tax burdens. Why risk any mistake that may cost you afterwards when you can trust our specialty that guarantees you the perfect result in any case.
We will help you with:
Electronic compilation and submission of your E1, E2 and E9 statements to the TAXIS system
Amending statements E1, E2, E9
Printing your Clearance Memo
Submission of A21 family allowance application
Submission of heating application
If necessary, process your affairs with the relevant tax authority (for example, submitting additional statements from previous years)
Submission of E9 forms (for the change of your assets in the previous year and E2 (for those who receive rentals)
Tip for the best way to handle document issues and wherever you want to avoid having to pay extra taxes


All our clients do not have the same needs and desires
but they certainly have the same value for us

Labor - Pension issues

• Check wages, benefits, insurance contributions, number and type of stamps based on your specialty
• Application for retirement of all funds (simple and sequential)
• Tips on redundancies and compensation
• Advice and representation in labor disputes at IKA and Labor Inspection
• Advice on working issues such as changing hours, overtime, maternity leave and other labor rights



Other tax related services

• Issuance of tax information
• Issue of traffic charges
• Parent Benefits, Donations, Inheritance
• Submission of debt settlement requests
• Managing bureaucratic work in Public Services and Organizations (eg DOI, IKA, other insurance funds, Labor Inspectorate, Municipalities, Prefectures, Banks, OAED, Chambers, First Instance Court, etc.)
• Compilation of land registry declarations for the whole of Greece
• Hire contracts
• Private agreements
• Advice on living hypothesis, high tax avoidance, capital consumption
• Procedures to avoid double taxation
• Tax representative
• Real estate servicing
• Construction stamps