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Financial services towards companies

high quality accounting, tax and organizational services

25 years of credibility

The elements that characterize ASD Financial Consultants are flexibility, the right organizational infrastructure, absolute confidentiality and the quality of the services provided by ISO 9001: 2008.

Accounting services

All businesses have Accounting. However, modern requirements have long overtaken its traditional function. Modern accountancy does not simply collect and record financial data. It is one of the main tools of Management, providing information through financial reporting, decision-making and valid business strategy planning.
Recommendations, Starts, Changes, Mergers, Absorbtions, Holidays, Company Liquidations
Computerized and double-copy bookkeeping in our offices or at our headquarters according to the IAS or IAS
Keeping analytical accounts
Keeping of a warehouse
Preparation of financial statements, balance sheets
Cash flow compilation
Provision of Internal – External Control Services (regular – extraordinary)
Submitting magazines – temporary statements electronically
Intra-Community trade management, (VIES, Intrastat)
Aggregate customer / supplier situations
Submission of tax, income statement
Establishment of Foreign Companies and Branches



For us, every case is unique

We approach methodically the parameters of each project, small or large, and the solutions we propose are designed according to the specifics of each of our clients


Tax services

ASD's specialized Tax Department, based on the experience and expertise of its executives, provides the optimal solutions to the individual needs of each client. In a constantly changing tax environment that constantly changes jurisprudence, ASD's consultants, based on the achievement of each client's business objectives, contribute to the design, implementation and control of all tax obligations.

• Tax planning and support strategy
• Preparing for tax audits
• Complaints & Appeals
• Rational use of deductible expenses
• Optimization of tax burden
• Tax refunds and VAT
• Tax representative of foreign companies

Labor - Payroll services

• Fully computerized payroll for businesses and building projects
• Calculation of net earnings and other bookings
• Provision of payroll data processing and processing services
• Inventory in IKA
• Personnel contracts
• OAED (recruits – departures)
• Personnel boards
• Submission of temporary and final CSFs
• Electronic submission of DPA
• Advice on employment issues, redundancies, damages
• Job subsidies through NSRF and DSG (when relevant programs are active)
• Tackling labor inspections
• Advice and representation in labor disputes with IKA and Labor Inspection
• Immediate and substantiated answer to any kind of questions about pay and insurance, such as earned earnings, days / type of leave




A.S.D. Financial Consultants undertakes and executes, through the specialized personnel, processing of documents, mainly issuing of all types of corporate / professional certificates / certificates from:

• Fees
• Chambers
• Insurance companies
• Registration in professional chambers
• Employer contributions payments, VAT
• Issuance of tax and insurance information
• Tax pending solutions

At ASD Financial Consultants we are big enough to achieve any goal, however large they are, and small enough to care about our customers' concerns, however small they are.

Business Organization

Through the specialized executives of A.S.D. Financial Consultants, and where appropriate through selected collaborators, provide Business Consulting services at all levels

Organization and supervision of accounting departments

Provision of services to management

Development - Subsidized Programs

Computer Consulting Services

Where necessary, due to the nature of your business, the creation of an internal accountant with full commercial / accounting management of invoices and / or warehouse, A.S.D. Financial Advisor can organize, staff and supervise the new department. The services of A.S.D. Financial advisers in this area include:

• Carry out interviews with candidates on your behalf in order to achieve a better selection of staff in the position of assistant accountant, based on company or positioning.
• Continuous advisory and training co-operation between the executives of each department of A.S.D. Financial Consultants and your accountants in order to achieve high levels of efficiency and effectiveness. In this case, our main role will be overseeing over time.
• Continuous training in accounting, commercial management, payroll and any other program required to optimize the accounting department performance. The right choice of all the accounting programs is made in consultation with the company to select the ones that suit your specific business needs.
• Developing, supervising and constantly adapting all cost accounting tools at each stage of the business.
• Continuous monitoring of your company’s business with advisory roles on simple issues such as pricing, intra-community transactions, handling and overall accounting, as well as more “difficult” issues such as business transformation, new investments, valuations, Various administrative decisions.

Experienced executives of A.S.D. Financial Consultants support the management of each partner business by offering a wide range of services such as:

• Design studies
• Investment feasibility
• Sustainability
• Business Plan
• Redemptions
• Mergers
• Monitoring business performance through a cash-flow program
• Defining procedures to control the internal operation of the business
• Diagnosis of the proper operation of the company and preparation of a documented report
• Costing of products and services
• Managing relationships with banks and other financial organizations
• Drafting, Submitting and Supporting Claims to Banks

Advice and suggestions for the company to address structural, financial or non-financial issues:
• to expand the business
• transfer the entire business or part of it
• to break down one’s branch
• Convert to another form of business using development laws
• degrade in a lower form of company
• merged with another enterprise as absorbing or absorbing
• invest funds to set up an affiliate or other business
• Organize better to meet the immediate future needs of the business
• Drafting contracts
• Drafting, amending statutes
• Solvent formulation

We provide you with all the necessary support for your integration into SME support programs by creating a range of services ranging from the right selection of the appropriate program, drafting the dossier, depositing it to the final disbursement of the grant amount. We also conduct studies in the direction of Investing in Development Laws.


• Evaluation of the effectiveness of installed information systems.
• Supporting the procurement and installation process of the company’s IT systems.